About the Volunteering

Fancy spending your one time a day run or walk connecting with other actuaries and helping out your chosen charity? 


All you have to do is:

1. Take a photo or a selfie pre or post your run or walk (alone or with your pet)*;

2. Post it on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn with the very important phrase #IrunwithSIAS

3. Tag us in your post and follow SIAS (Twitter @siascommittee and/or Instagram @siasevents)

4. Send an email with your Twitter or Instagram name, postal address and your chosen charity to charity@sias.org.uk



You have to be a SIAS member

Anyone can participate! Previous participants are welcome to complete another 3 runs. 

For your 1st run or walk with SIAS, a SIAS water bottle will be sent out, after the lockdown! 

For your 2nd and 3rd run or walk with SIAS, a £10 donation will be made each time to your chosen charity. We would like to encourage you to support any local food banks or Covid-19 related charities. At these difficult times we should come together to support our local community and our carers! However, you can support any charity you want. 

You can fundraise a maximum of £20 with each run/ walk for your chosen charity.


*It doesn't matter if it's a short or long one, if you are an experienced runner or you picked this up during the lockdown; all you have to do is post about it with our # and send us an email with your details.