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SIAS Talk: Target-Risk Equity Funds - Slides

Slides for the June 2016 SIAS Talk on 'Target-Risk Equity Funds' are available to download here. ... Read more

SIAS Talk: Consultation on the CMI Mortality Projections Model

Slides for the July 2016 SIAS Talk on 'The Future of the CMI Mortality Projections Model' are available to download here.... Read more

SIAS Talk: The Evolution of ERM How experience, Solvency II and actuaries may drive change for value - Slides

Slides from the talk presented by Paul Harwood at the Staple in on 10th May 2016.... Read more

SIAS Talk: The Evolution of ERM How experience, Solvency II and actuaries may drive change for value

No description available for this resource. Read more

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Welcome Drinks 2016

Location: Staple Inn Hall, High Holborn, London WC1V 7QJ

Presented by: SIAS

SIAS would like to welcome new members to the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries to a cheese and wine evening at Staple Inn Hall. The event is a great way […] Read more

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