Who we are

With over 5,000 members, SIAS is proud to be UK's biggest actuarial society.

A committee of 15 dedicated volunteers run the day-to-day activities of SIAS. We run exciting social events such as our annual boat party, our SIAS Ball, poker tournaments, pub quizzes and many more.  We take our professional development seriously too, with various talks hosted throughout the year.  Our main aims are to:

  • Support the professional interests of junior members of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA), particularly students and those with up to five years post-qualification experience; and
  • Act as the regional actuarial society for London and South East England.

Limited company

On 01 July 2017, our business was transferred into the newly established Staple Inn Actuarial Society Limited, a company limited by a guarantee.

This move better manages any personal liability resulting from the societies’ activities and makes contracting with other companies simpler.  Our registration documents are:

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SIAS Events

Development opportunities throughout the year

We arrange a selection of talks throughout the year for members and non-members.  These cover a range of subjects of interest to the actuarial profession - from the latest technical research to discussions about the future of the profession.

Look out for our annual Jubilee lecture in October.  We also host an annual Evolution conference, aimed at nearly and newly-qualified actuaries.

Details on all of our events can be found here

Meet other actuaries and broaden your network

We have a range of social events throughout the year, giving you regular opportunities to network with fellow actuaries and members of the actuarial community. 

In recent years, socials have included boat parties, cocktail-making classes, samba nights and adult ballpits! 

The highlight of our calendar is undoubtedly the Annual Dinner & Ball held in November. Make sure you book your tickets fast for this sell-out event!

Giving back to our community

We are proud to partner with The Brokerage CityLink, with whom we provide introductory sessions about the actuarial profession to inner city sixth form students in London.

These sessions help to raise awareness of the actuarial profession and its work, while providing actuaries with an opportunity to develop their presentation skills.  Contact the Charity sub-committee if you would like further details on the various volunteering opportunities open to SIAS members.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a member of the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries. Does this make me a SIAS member?

No. SIAS works closely with the IFoA, but membership of one organisation does not automatically make you a member of the other.


How do I sign up for or renew SIAS membership?

IFoA members can renew their SIAS membership through the SIAS website or through the IFoA website when renewing IFoA membership.

Non-IFoA members (such as members of other international actuarial organisations, or university students) can activate membership through the SIAS website.

For membership through the IFoA website:

-       IFoA members should see an option to add SIAS membership when renewing their IFoA membership. This is done by renewing your membership on the IFoA website.

-       IFoA members who do not see an option for SIAS membership when renewing their IFoA membership should contact us on marketing@sias.org.uk.

For membership through the SIAS website, please follow this registration link

So what can I use my account on this website for?

Your membership account on sias.org.uk helps you get the best out of your SIAS membership.

Use your membership account to:

  • Register for events and purchase tickets
  • Buy tickets on behalf of other SIAS members
  • Take part in discussions and blog posts on the SIAS website
  • Access members-only documents and presentations on the website.

Got a question? Contact the SIAS Committee

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