About the Meeting

The SIAS Annual General Meeting will commence at 5.30pm.  

For a PDF copy of our 2019/20 Annual Report and Accounts, please click here.

Developing and executing a climate risk strategy (Talk to start at 6PM)

  • Brief overview of the demands of the PRA supervisory statement and Dear CEO letter on financial impacts related to climate change
  • Industry insights into climate risk business plans – an overview of the key obstacles we have observed in the market
  • Deep dive into the contents of your climate risk strategy – where should my business stand on SDGs, net-zero ambitions, ESG scoring, exclusions and emerging themes (such as biodiversity)?
  • Overview of a climate risk strategy execution timeline – turning planning and theory into practical reality
  • What does the future hold? Steps for success in 2021 and beyond and pitfalls to avoid


Zoom link to be sent in advance