About the Meeting

The talk will cover:
• Why cyber security is regarded as the top threat to businesses (Allianz Risk Barometer 2019)
• What is causing the shift in threat landscape
• Who is attacking, why, and how we can stop them
• Customer impressions of cyber security and how you can help them
• Threats to evaluating insurable losses and responding to claims
• How cyber insurance policies have evolved, and need to continue to do so
• Can and should you recover ransoms under cyber insurance?
• What is the future for cyber risk?

Speaker Biography
Vijay Rathour
Vijay is a former lawyer, barrister and regulator, having worked with the FCA investigating non-compliant organisations. He is also a former hacker, programmer and self-confessed nerd. He leads a team of over 45 dedicated data breach responders and digital investigators, working across the world to educate organisations on how to reduce their risk, and catch attackers who do break through their defences.
Vijay is a recognised expert on Digital Forensics and Bitcoin investigations, and has worked with the cyber insurance industry for a decade.

Please arrive at 5.30pm to sign-in before a 6pm start.

Sandwiches and drinks will be served after the talk.