About the Volunteering

Charity could be something you can do along with your parkrun routine or your skills donation to a good cause.

- Parkrun organises free weekly runs around the UK. You can join and find more info at home | parkrun UK

- Donate your skills and time to any good cause.

To claim your charity donations and a SIAS gift, all you need to do is:

1. Take a selfie pre or after your run/event;

2. Post it on Twitter or Instagram with the very important phrase #IRunwithSIAS or #DonateMySkillswithSIAS

3. Send an email with your twitter or Instagram name, link to your run results or skills donation event, postal address and your chosen charity to charity@sias.org.uk

We will send out a SIAS gift for your 1st parkrun or skills donation, then a £10 donation to the chosen charity for your 2nd and 3rd parkrun or skills donation.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and let us get the spirit out!