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Applying Actuarial Thinking to Public Sector Politics

Location: Staple Inn Hall

Presented by: Margaret de Valois & Philip Doggart

In this presentation, we explain how the softer skills we are taught as actuaries can be transferred into fields outside of the financial world. Wider fields is a key theme and our case studies show that, as actuaries, we really can venture out of the traditional areas and add value in other organisations. For this and […]

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SIAS Escape From Actuaries

Location: clueQuest - 169 Caledonian Rd, London N1 0SL, UK

Presented by: SIAS

Imagine being locked in a room with other actuaries….the joy or the horror! You can experience this for yourself by joining SIAS in its first ever escape room adventure! We have booked 7 rooms at clueQuest. Feel free to enter individually or as a team. The maximum number in each room will be 5, so if you […]

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