About the Meeting

The SIAS Annual General Meeting will commence at 5.30pm.  

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Government as Chief Risk Officer – Politics is risk management writ large

 (Talk to start at 6PM)

This year we are delighted to welcome Mike Clark, to talk to our members about sustainable finance and the role the governments should play for the future.

Mike is Founder Director of a responsible investment advisory firm, Ario Advisory. He represents IFoA on the Sustainable Finance Advisory Council of the Oxford Smith School. He contributed to IFoA’s Great Risk Transfer initiative, is a member of the Actuaries’ Carbon Collaboration, and authored the IFoA curated climate reading list. More widely, he was Specialist Adviser to the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee for their 2018 Green Finance inquiry, and has recently stepped down from the WHEB Asset Management independent Advisory Committee and the Brunel (LGPS) board where he served for nearly four years. He supported DWP with the climate provisions of the Pension Bill, now Act, and regularly engages with FCA, FRC, TPR, PRA, HMT, OBR and similar entities, including the National Preparedness Commission. The financial risks of climate change are a significant focus of his work. Looking to accelerate progress in that area, he established ZCFX, the Zoom Climate Finance eXchange, at the beginning of last year. This is a monthly 90-minute roundtable where the participants share perspectives, accelerating our thinking about the biggest risk humanity probably faces. He is a seed investor in an investment management company whose first product is a fund investing in ETS (Emissions Trading Scheme) Allowances across the world, and also in a company that remanufactures office furniture.


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