About the Meeting

Excel is the tried and tested tool of actuaries, to the extent that we have difficulty moving away from it despite its many flaws. Companies are catching on to the fact that there are better tools out there like R and Python, to name a few, which are favoured by data scientists. Adoption of these as main analysis tools remain lower than it should within the actuarial community. The speakers (Wan Heah and Allan Engelhardt) will present their perspectives on the benefits of using these tools and how it can augment the actuary’s toolkit. At the end of this session, attendees will understand:

  1. The benefits of using data science tools in actuarial work
  2. How these tools can be used through real life case studies
  3. What other lessons actuaries can learn from data science
  4. How managers can use these tools to lead, manage and invest in high performance actuarial and analytics teams.


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