About the Meeting

The MRSC is responsible for guiding the profession’s research in the areas of longevity, mortality and morbidity such that it is recognised as a thought leader in this area. It has recently been reviewing what the priorities and have identified 6 areas that we believe are the most important areas of research that should be the current focus and these are:

  • Predicting future population mortality improvement
  • Forecasting trends in morbidity
  • Managing risk in products providing longevity protection
  • Tools and techniques used for analysing portfolio experience
  • Supporting the Profession’s efforts in resolving the challenge of providing older age care
  • Communication of complex risk behaviours in ways that are easy to understand

We would like to share our thinking on these with you, outline what will be done to progress these areas and gain your thoughts and suggestions.

Sacha Dhamani, Chair of the MRSC


Please arrive at 5.30pm to sign-in before a 6pm start.

Sandwiches and drinks will be served after the talk.