Charitable Activities

In 2014, the SIAS Charity Sub-committee decided to cease SIAS’s charity matching scheme and instead focus the Society’s resources on a number of alternative projects. The most prominent of these projects is the establishment of a series of sessions with sixth form students in inner-London schools in partnership with The Brokerage Citylink.

The key aims of these sessions are:

  1. to raise awareness of the actuarial profession among mathematically capable sixth form students in inner city London schools; and
  2. to provide opportunities to young actuaries to develop their presentation skills, in line with SIAS’s objective of serving the interests of younger members of the actuarial profession while acting as the regional actuarial society for London and South East England.

Feedback on these sessions from teachers, school students and attending actuaries has been very positive. Schools and students have been grateful that a potential career option was communicated to them effectively and attending actuaries have enjoyed giving back to the community while also improving their presentation skills.

The presentations provided to schools are standardised to allow SIAS’s volunteers to focus their efforts on preparing for their section of the presentation and delivering it.

For more information or to become a volunteer at one of our upcoming sessions please email [email protected].

In addition to the school sessions described above, SIAS have started to offer mentoring on an ad hoc basis to students interested in pursuing an actuarial career. Mentoring involves providing more detailed information about the profession and offering advice to students on, for example, their personal statements and selecting university courses.

SIAS continues to run A-level maths revision sessions. Here, school students have an opportunity to benefit from one-to-one support with SIAS volunteers and the sessions typically involve going through past maths exam papers. Previous sessions have been very well received – please click here to listen to some feedback on the sessions from school students.

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